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Drone restricted airspace in Taiwan

There are many types of airspace restrictions in Taiwan (Restricted areas for Drone/UAV/Aircraft). Below is a list of restrictions that commonly affect drone flights, including: (RED) Airport restricted areas. Violators will be fined at least $10000USD by Civil Aeronautics Administration regulations. Droner must get approved from CAA to fly in this zone. […]

Spyder4 校色器 + 威力強大的 DisplayCAL 介紹篇

校色工具從免費的軟體,數千元的色度計 Colorimeter 到好幾萬的光譜儀 Spectrometer 都有
在這將介紹Spyder4 校色器 + 威力強大的 DisplayCAL / dispcalGUI / Argyll CMS的應用