Drone restricted airspace in Taiwan

There are many types of airspace restrictions in Taiwan (Restricted areas for Drone/UAV/Aircraft).
Below is a list of restrictions that commonly affect drone flights, including:

  • (RED) Airport restricted areas.
    Violators will be fined at least $10000USD by Civil Aeronautics Administration regulations.
    Droner must get approved from CAA to fly in this zone.
  • (BLUE) Limit drone altitude base on airport elevation plus 60 meters.
    Violators will be fined at least $10000USD by Civil Aeronautics Administration regulations.
    Droner must get approved from CAA to fly more than 60M based on airport elevation in this zone.
  • (PURPLE) Prohibited and restricted areas by Taipei FIR.
  • (ORANGE) NOTAM restricted areas by Taipei FIR.
  • (CYAN) Other restricted areas by local regulation,
    city government regulation or private property.
    Violators may be fined by local government regulation, it depends.
    Droner must get approved from local government to fly in this zone.
  • (GREEN) Military base and areas.
    Violator may temporary custody and fined by criminal Law.

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Click area border to show restricted areas detail

Example for Blue area (Limit drone altitude base on airport elevation plus 60 meters.)

Comments (49)

  1. RLPHY

    We’ll be visiting taiwan this coming october. Is it legal to fly in these following places:

    Fo Guang Shan temple
    Tiger pagoda
    Nanya rockformation
    Yehliu geopark
    Spring and autumn pavillion
    Sun moon lake
    Golden waterfalls
    Yang Ming shan

    Thank you very much!

    • Flyer Lee

      Fo Guang Shan temple — lots of Fo Guang Shan temple in taiwan , which one?
      Tiger pagoda — Altitude restriction 60M
      Nanya rockformation — OK
      Yehliu geopark — no drone (park declaration)
      Spring and autumn pavillion — Altitude restriction 60M
      Sun moon lake — no drone in some areas (see the MAP)
      Golden waterfalls — OK
      Yang Ming shan — must get approved from Yangmingshan National Park https://eip.ymsnp.gov.tw/web/system/apply2/

  2. Wade

    Thank you for the information. it has been very helpful. There is this video on youtube that looks great but way above the limits at Sun Yat Sen memorial hall and Taipei 101

  3. James

    Hello. Can I fly my drone on these places?
    – zhong she flower farm
    – summit castle
    – jiufen

    Thank you

  4. Nicolas Datiche

    FYI about “asking a permission in red zone and purple zone”

    Dear Nicolas,

    Thank you for writing us regarding drone regulations. Please find our reply as following:

    Currently CAA accepts applications of UAV operations only from military, government agencies and government funded research organizations.

    Per Article 34 of Civil Aviation Act, except as otherwise approved by CAA, releasing of any objects that may be considered hazardous to flight safety is prohibited or restricted within a certain distance from the airport or airfield. Unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and drones are considered hazardous to flight safety. As for the restricted areas, please check our web site(http://www.caa.gov.tw/big5/content/index.asp?sno=923) for the charts showing the restricted areas around the airports.

    Also please find attched KML file of the restricted areas in Taiwan. Those areas include the area around airports and restricted areas. When loaded in Google Earth, you will see both red and yellow areas. Operation of drones is strictly prohibited inside the red areas. Outside the red area but otherwise inside the yellow zone drone operation is prohibited over 60 meters above the elevation of the individual airport.

    CAA hereby strongly advise you to follow the rules and regulations. Violators that operate drones within restricted areas are subject to a fine of NT$300,000 to NT$1.5 million dollars.

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact XXXXXXXXXX XXXXX


    Civil Aeronautics Administration, M.O.T.C., Taiwan

  5. Nico

    Hi Flyer Lee, just a quick message to thanks you about this wonderful map.

    About regulation in blue zone it’s 60 meters from the sea or from the ground? I’m asking you because here in Japan regulation is more “from the ground”…

    Do you know who i’ve to contact to fly in a red zone (specially inside 228 park for an assignment?)

    Anyway thanks again you did, do a super great job.

    • Flyer Lee

      Here is the example for the regulation in blue zone (RCSS Airport)
      60 Meter + Airport sea level = Altitude limit
      No Fly Zone Example
      You can contact CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) for “Prohibited and restricted by Taipei FIR” zone.

  6. Bryan

    I will be bring my DJI Spark from Singapore to Taiwan next week. Sorry for these repeated questions mate. Will my drone get confiscated at the customs? Do I need to register my drone? And must I get a permit to fly my drone at Taroko National Park? Thanks man!

  7. Don

    Hi, I will be in Taiwan next week and will have a tour to Nanya rock formations, Bitou Cape Park, Sandiao Cape Lighthouse. Can I fly my drone in these areas?

  8. Darek

    In two days I will fly to Taiwan. Your site is very helpful. I have a question: where is the best (cheapest) place to buy DJI accessories?

  9. NCK

    Based on the map it looks like Elephant Hill is OK to fly . I am planning to bring my DJI Spark to take some selfie shots at the Elephant Hill & some tourist spot such as the Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall etc. Flight height should not exceed 30m . Is it possible

    • Flyer Lee

      Elephant Hill is OK to fly, but it depends on your altitude.
      You are not allowed to fly if you climb over 65M sea level at Elephant Hill (Songshan airport sea level 5M + 60M) or fly to 15M if you climb to 50M sea level.

  10. CK

    Hi Flyer Lee
    I am planning to go to Taipei in April. I was wondering whether I can just fly my drone up (less than 50m) at the Red zone area just to take selfie shots at tourist attractions spots . Will the DJI GO apps block me from flying in this zone?

    • Flyer Lee

      No, you are not allowed to fly anything in Red zone by the law (This law sucks).
      DJI GO may block you from flying in this zone in a simple circle
      (the DJI NFZ database not including all NFZ and the NFZ shape just a simple one circle)

  11. Sky

    60m only in blue zone? What the fuck? Half of the buildings in Xinyi area is higher than that and there is no way to see any planes flying even as low as 500m in that area or further down South (Daan district).

    Aren’t those limits a bit far-stretched? Any reasoning why they limit the airspace so much?

    We should come up with a petition to loosen up the limits a bit for blue zones.

    • Flyer Lee

      Block anything is the simplest way to management, Bad bureaucratic habits in Taiwan Government. No brain politicians.

  12. Deric Thai

    I was wondering about yangmingshan as well? Is there a website I can apply to so that I can fly my drone there? And will I be able to fly my drone in elephant mountain trail? Also the blue zones says 60m AGL so I can fly only up to 60m in those zones?

    • Flyer Lee

      Here is the online application form in Chinese for yangmingshan

      Elephant mountain trail is in the blue zones
      You can fly up to 60M from Songshan Airport AGL, not your current location AGL
      For Example, Songshan Airport (RCSS) Elevation AMSL is 5M and if your current location AMSL is 30M
      You can fly up to 65M AMSL or 35M AGL from your location.

      AGL(Above Ground Level)
      AMSL(Above Mean Sea Level)

      • inferno10

        Are foreigners allowed to submit applications? The online applications for Yangmingshan and Taroko both want a Taiwan mailing address.

        • Flyer Lee

          You need a Taiwan mailing address to receive a hard copy agreement, no matter foreigner or resident.

  13. Joshua Tan

    Hi will have issues if I bring 2 drone batteries and 1 power bank for my HP into plane cabin?? (Hand carry into aeroplane)

    • Flyer Lee

      Hi, It depends on your airline and departure location. For example.

    • EVA Air/China airlines/Departure from Taiwan
    • Spare lithium batteries (inc. power bank)
      <100Wh - quantity:unlimited/Carry-on only
      100Wh-160Wh - quantity:2/Carry-on only
      >160Wh – fobidden
      Device with lithium batteries
      <100Wh - quantity:unlimited/Check-in or Carry-on
      100Wh-160Wh - quantity:unlimited/Check-in or Carry-on
      >160Wh – fobidden

    • Singapore air
    • Spare lithium batteries (inc. power bank)
      <100Wh - quantity:unlimited/Check-in or Carry-on
      100Wh-160Wh - quantity:unlimited/Carry-on only
      >160Wh – quantity:fobidden
      Device with lithium batteries
      <100Wh - quantity:unlimited/Check-in or Carry-on
      100Wh-160Wh - quantity:unlimited/Check-in or Carry-on
      >160Wh – fobidden

  14. JB

    Hi, thank you for creating this very helpful map. I’ll be traveling around Taiwan for two weeks this March and would like to bring my Mavic Pro. To confirm, there’s no need for registration as of March 2018, is that correct? Apologies for the repetitive question, I just want to be absolutely sure. Thank you.

  15. jojo

    did the airport costom questioned you guys about the drone?im worried they might confiscate my drone when im going to taiwan

    • Flyer Lee

      It’s safe if your drone is for personal use only (quantity <=2). There are no customs regulations for drone excepts NCC (National Communications Commission Taiwan) regulations define your drone must get certificate of type approval. If your drone is on the market in Taiwan, it should be granted type approval certificates in Taiwan.